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Sticker #3 "That Freaky Folky Lantern"

Hand drawn by James VanDeuson, this is the first of several hand-drawn stickers to come in the collection. "That Freaky Folky Lantern" Sticker #3


This one was inspired by a trip to Arizona, where James, Rebecca and Keene were broken down in a Bass Pro parking lot. As the story goes, the light in the dining room of their RV died out while James was writting "The Light in the Room," a song from his debut album 'Dilation.' Support James and collect them all!

Sticker #3 "That Freaky Folky Lantern"

    • 3.5" x 3.5" (The standard "Shaker" Pint Glass Rim)
    • Drawn and designed by James 
    • High Gloss 
    • UV Resistant
    • Water Proof 
    • Holds Tight 
    • Stylish 
    • Genuine Vinyl 
    • All proceeds help James and Rebecca to... 'Keep on Keepin' on!'
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