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Playing Music for a Hostel Environment

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

The Station At 19E

Tonight, I'm playing my first show at a Hostel. Last night, Rebecca and I pulled the van into a place unlike anything I had ever seen before. This hostel was different than others I have stayed at prior to our visit. Interestingly enough, it is a hostel whose primary business derives from those who are hiking through the Appalachian Trail. You could tell that this dwelling, in many ways, was built by the combined efforts of all who wander through.

Every bunk has been tagged by the hundreds of hikers who have stayed at, "Station 19E" in Roan Mountain, TN. Their names permanently etched into the fabric of this community. Dave, the owner of the Hostel, mentioned to us that "observing communication can be the most bizarre part of owning a place like this." He said, "In one living room, you can have city folks sleeping next to a smelly man who speaks only in German. Watching that kind of interaction is one of my favorite parts of being here."

Last night, I had probably too many beers and made my way up the stairs to the bunk-room. All at once, an important thought hit me with some serious weight

- A lot of the people who stay here are the one's who get called crazy on a regular basis. They have all had the conversation where someone, or some group, tried to tell them that they should be focusing on their careers or working towards building a more solid foundation for their future. Being a traveling musician, I hear these type of comments pretty regularly, especially because I quit practicing architecture to do so. - After spending some time on this, I formed an opinion that people who spend their time engaging in activities like thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail, are the ones who are getting it right. There are many ways to bring value into your life and there are more than enough ways to find comfort in a hard day's work. How people choose to spend their time here is simply up to the artist painting the picture.

The stories around this hostel are endless and I am enthused that my journey has brought me to this temporary home that I personally find to be somewhat magical.

People like Dave have created a community where it didn't previously exist. The hikers that stay here have developed a perspective on life that is truly one-of-a-kind. I, have once again, found purpose in the music that I play and the life-style that I chase on a daily basis.

They also have a bar with well over 100 craft beers, some great food, and a dope full-sized stage.

James VanDeuson

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