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The Original Super Package!

You're a music fan. A serious one. You love vinyl in a, "I'm not a hipster way." like to keep it classy. You want the, "real deal." You want your vinyl jet black. The color stuff is just a fad. 


You also want to buy a CD because... no one thought records were coming back... You already know. I don't need explain further. Do you want a free window decal? Of course you do. Enjoy it. I love you.

The Original Super Package!

  • Record

    • Pressed on 150 gram vinyl, thick enough to last and not so thick that sonic range is compromised.
    • Gatefold design - Works like a book
    • Pressed in Burlington, Vermont: USA MADE
    • 1x 150g Dilation Black Vinyl
    • Insert Included - Different than CD
    • Shrink Wrapped


    • California: USA MADE
    • 1x CD Signed
    • Lyrics included
    • Resealable Poly-Jacket
    • Gatefold - Works like a book
    • New Digipack Design

    Window Decal

    • Drawn and designed by James
    • High Gloss - Clear background
    • UV Resistant
    • Water Proof
    • Holds Tight
    • Stylish
    • Genuine Vinyl

    THANK YOU! All proceeds go to making new music and making more albums.

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