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The Ultimate Deluxe Super Fan Package!

This package was designed for the person who can't get enough, the person who believes in what we are doing, the person who loves live music and thinks it should stick around. This package represents the seed that is blooming into a young musician’s career. Thank you.


Disclaimer: This album wasn't made in my basement, so enjoy some high-quality merch. ;)

Disclaimer 2: I'm still working on getting a basement. The van has tires... just tires.

The Ultimate Deluxe Super Fan Package!

  • Records:

    • Pressed on 150 gram vinyl, thick enough to last and not so thick that sonic range is compromised.
    • Gatefold design - Works like a book
    • Pressed in Burlington, Vermont: USA MADE
    • 1x 150g Dilation Limited Edition Cream Vinyl Signed
    • 1x 150g Dilation Black Vinyl
    • Insert Included - Different than CD
    • Shrink Wrapped


    • California: USA MADE
    • 1x CD Signed
    • Lyrics included
    • Resealable Poly-Jacket
    • Gatefold - Works like a book
    • New Digipack Design


    • 1x Sticker #1 "One Broken-Down Folky RV"
    • 1x Sticker #2 "One Folky Little Flower"
    • 1x Sticker #3 "That Freaky Folky Lantern"
    • 1x Clear Window Decal - The James VanDeuson Tour
    • Drawn and designed by James
    • High Gloss - Clear background
    • UV Resistant
    • Water Proof
    • Holds Tight
    • Stylish
    • Genuine Vinyl

    THANK YOU! All proceeds go to making new music and making more albums.

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