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"If all it takes is a village, we can do it."

For updates please visit link above! 

A community driven music venue: Anyone who donates $100 or more will receive a brass plaque with their name, family's name, or business engraved on it. The plaques will be displayed, permanently, in the entrance room. This symbolic art piece will represent our community's ability to work together towards a common goal when we see a genuine opportunity to take action. Thank you! <3 ***


(Update: Yes, it will most likely take up the whole wall.)




The Rollin' Rust Room is a community funded music venue, currently being built in Manlius, NY... owned, operated and named after the touring Folk/Americana band, "The Rollin' Rust."


(Visit to learn about the band.)


Why Manlius? - To be short, Manlius needs another fun spot to socialize and there isn't a music venue in all of East Syracuse. The Village of Manlius is also going through some big changes in design. The village board has expressed interest in businesses looking to bring some youthful energy to the area. (The Village board is supportive here, making it a great place to plant a seed.)


The Foundation:

  • To support local music, touring bands, comedians, poets... young and old.

  • To build a venue, taking on a dilapidated storefront that would otherwise remain vacant. - Let's be the change we want to see!

  • To build community through the arts, but sell food and beverage to make it a sustainable business. 

  • Above all, to entertain the people of Manlius and the greater Syracuse area. 

  • Let's ask for help as we grow. 


As most of you have heard, Covid-19 shut down several listening rooms, small venues, theaters and more. We are taking that challenge on ourselves, rebuilding through the rubble.


Here are some renderings of what we are building at 103 Wesley Street. 

Final Elev.png
Final Elev2.png

James VanDeuson and his partner Rebecca Girouard are the proud owners of The Rollin' Rust Room, located at 103 Wesley Street in Manlius, NY. James has a degree in design, and spent years apprenticing at an architectural firm in Syracuse prior to becoming a professional musician. He also has experience in design/build, live sound, graphic design and video editing. Rebecca runs their music business and is a skilled photographer and videographer. She also has an impressive background in social media advertising, communications and business management. She is a full-time booking agent for the band and is notably, "the reason The Rollin' Rust boys have had such quick success."

 "A project like this is not something we can't handle. We just need help. Rebecca and I have a clear understanding of what a business of this magnitude might need to get moving. Taking it on was something we thought very long and hard about. We decided to do this because we believe in what it could do for the village. 


Crowdfunding is all about getting the word out, and that is our bread and butter. We already know Manlius needs another social gathering place. We already know it's a good idea. Our task is to find the people who care to see it happen like we do. We have to find the people and businesses that want to make a difference, the ones seeking a genuine avenue for building community here... or in this case, a street... like Wesley!


The truth is, we were waiting for the right opportunity to strike. Is it going to be tough? Sure, but so is everything worth building. 

When 103 Wesley opened up, we were ready to act. I don't think anyone wants to see another storefront in the village sit for too long.  When the folks at A.W Wander bought the building, we knew we'd be in good hands. We have a lot of friends in the area that share the same vision for the future of Manlius. The Yard, A.W Wander, Skytop...just to name a few. We want in! This is a growing village and it needs some fresh vision for it's future.  


In our minds, we know that this is even more important than making music. Here, we have the opportunity to create the vein in which the small music industry flows through. Being professional musicians, we know just how bad folks like us need a place to perform and make a living. 


Manlius has the spot and the want... we have the drive. But! ... without question... we are going to need some help getting this done. 


Help us if you can! -

Bar in Daylight.png
New Stage.png
From back Corner.png
Looking at WIndows Better.png
Banner for gfm.jpg
rollin rust room phase 2.png
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