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2019 Dilation (Full Length LP)

Album Vinyl_edited.jpg

Comments From Artist 

Dilation was the combined effort of many hands. When working with the folks at Another Recording Co. in Omaha, NE (ARC) I was finally able to turn a chapter both professionally and emotionally. Most of Dilation addresses the many feelings one has when going through the loss of a close friend or family member. Although dark at times, we were able to bring light to these topics through  the introduction of a more musically saturated production strategy. You'll find love, loss, gratitude and many other aspects of the human condition weaved into the fabric of this album.

I couldn't be more excited to share these thoughts and feelings. As an up and coming folk singer from NY, I'm happy to finally have a full album behind me. Please, listen and enjoy. 

- James VanDeuson 

RELEASED ON OCT. 28th 2019

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