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Welcome. So, this is the plan.

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Let's Start!

NOTE: Whenever I say, "We, We're, Our, or Together" I mean Rebecca, Keene (the Dog) and I.

It made sense to me that my first blog post explained to the people interested, what exactly I imagined for this blog to evolve into.

Goals for the Blog:

  • I want to share with fans, family, and friends what it's like to be a touring musician from a primary perspective. I want to show how I've grown, what my goals are as an artist and who is encouraging us to "keep on keepin' on."

  • I'm also going to be sharing funny stories, long and short, about our travels.

  • I want to use this blog to create transparency in my life and to help build a more stable foundation for my musical career to lean on.

  • Tell ya'll what we're seein' and feelin' out here!

  • Share our professional success in real time

Not Interested in:

  • Complaining about anything to do with the industry: I'm extremely grateful for the privilege to be out here working

  • Sharing any negative encounters without explaining to readers what we've learned from them

  • Talking politics

  • Leaving you sad

  • Telling any other musicians exactly how we are doing this

  • Sharing money related information

The Perspective:

So, what exactly is my perspective? It's the perspective of a 25 year old singer/songwriter, who quit his day job as an architectural intern; he took his side job of performing at bars on the weekends and turned it into a full time career, now touring with his original music. This person has goals to push his music as far as possible and currently has zero intention to stop living in the pursuit of a higher level of musical achievement.

Furthermore - Definitely shooting for... T-swift status, gold medalist, check mate magician, grammy nominated, crowd surfing, star shooting, success.


  • I believe this: there is absolutely no reason to shoot for anything less than 100% in your life.

  • I love what I do and passionately seek longevity in my career as a musician

  • I want to eventually use my success to become a total philanthropist, so I need to grow this business as soon as possible.

Thus Far?

When we started:

  • I had written three original songs that I could perform live

  • I had a little over two hours of covers I could perform

  • I had a basic PA system

  • I had a Subaru Outback and a rented cabin in South Lake Tahoe, CA

Since 2018 we:

  • Recorded a professional album at Another Recording Co. in Omaha, Nebraska

  • Accidentally, (gratefully) inspired investors at a live show (who are now great friends of ours)

  • Bought and converted a 2018 Ford Transit Van into a touring vehicle

  • Developed a real two hour 'James VanDeuson' show with another 4+ hours of covers if needed.

  • Performed at over 275 booked shows, over 100 breweries or bars, around 60 listening rooms, 15 or so house concerts, a few theaters, a few festivals and opened for a few great musicians (Korby Lenker - Tommy Emmanuel - All Time Low (and growing)

  • Performed or booked shows in just over 25 states (and growing)

  • Lived our lives in an RV, a van, two apartments, some grass patches outside, a couple beaches, campgrounds and around 50 couches or beds.

  • Drove well over 40,000 miles

  • Kick-started 5 or more social media platforms and bunches of streaming services

  • Grew the James VanDeuson Instagram from 230 to 3,000 followers

  • Grew the James VanDeuson Facebook Page from 450 to 1,500 followers

  • Pressed a vinyl record

  • Printed CD's

  • Practiced everyday

  • Read my goals everyday

Why I'm excited for the blog:

We are, undoubtedly, at the forefront of my music career. I want to share, with anyone willing to read, my experiences along the way. Some of my favorite musicians, who have influenced me to follow my dreams the most, have shared their stories online, thus giving me the gift of courage, perseverance, and passion as I work through my own career. Some people, such as myself, needed that to begin. If you need that from me, I want you to have it.

Lastly, I have always felt a direct connection with folks who want to escape into the arts through any of its various mediums. I want people to read this and do just that, even for a little while. I want you to feel our stories, laugh at bad jokes, and listen to the music that pushes me through my life.

- James VanDeuson

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